Success Stories

My son and I both took the CHP-approved beginning motorcycle riding class with Golden State Moto and it was excellent. They provided motorcycles, which were all in good condition and were models suited to beginning riders. We learned a lot in three days, both through the online zoom classes and on the range, riding bikes and doing the exercises, starting with the basics and building skills from there. The teachers at the range, Kevin and Tom, were strict about the details of how we performed all the exercises, but they were also friendly and understanding, and were patient about correcting our mistakes and helping us gain the skills we needed to do the exercises correctly. We both passed the final test, and ended up with a great feeling of accomplishment. I feel ready now to get a bike and begin further honing my skills on my own.

Michael C.

Golden State Moto is the perfect place to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I entered the beginning motorcycle riding class a complete beginner, but by the end I felt confident in my riding ability, as well as my street safety knowledge. The program is set up in a way that is nicely paced, yet pushes you to learn the most you can. The range instructors (especially Mycah and Isaac) are incredible teachers who want each student to succeed and are more than willing explain anything that may be confusing to you. I definitely recommend this program if you are wanting to hone in on your motorcycle riding skills. As one of the only girls, it was a bit intimidating at first, but my advice, if you are unsure, is to just go for it because it is incredibly rewarding!

Mara P.

I took the course here in order to learn how to ride a motorcycle. By taking this course not only did I feel I gained the necessary skills to be out in the road, I also don't have to take the DMV driving test as this place is kind of a one stop shop. 1st and 2nd day start out with Zoom class due to Covid. After the Zoom class you head on out to the site where you actually learn to mount and ride the motorcycles that they provide. I brought my own gear but they also lend out gear if you don't have any. There was a group of 8 of us. First day was instructed by Kyle and I forget the other gentleman's name. 2nd day was instructed by Kevin and Caesar. All 4 of these instructors were great. I can't say how much I appreciate learning from them. The 2nd day was a little more challenging as they prepared you for the evaluation at the end but I feel Kevin and Caesar did a tremendous job in helping us acquire the necessary skills to not only pass the course but to help us learn how to steer the bike in order to survive a crash. Great job to your team. Thanks!

Armando C.

Could not recommend enough. I took the Basic Rider's Course and had a blast. Mycah was very clear in the classroom sessions. She did a great job of explaining and extrapolating on the core information. I passed the written test with absolutely no problem, thanks to Mycah's superb instruction. On the range, Kevin was just fantastic. Teaching is an art, and Kevin is an artist. Lots of positive reinforcement and very close attention to the needs of each student. His directions were very clear, and he provided specific critiques to everyone that immediately made sense. His warm demeanor completely melted any nerves I felt during the exercises and the test. I have no doubt in my mind that I'll return to Golden State Moto to take their intermediate and advanced courses. I had such an overwhelmingly pleasant experience that I can't wait.

Kash A.

100% recommend any person wanting to get a motorcycle license to take this course. I was one of those new riders that did very well in the riding portion of the course, but flunked the skills test due to nerves and feeling the pressure during the exam. I passed the written exam at this time. So I reached out to Kyle and he worked with me on a comfortable one-to-one session on a Saturday to gain more confidence in riding and to become comfortable with the course located at the San Jose Masonic Center Parking Lot. He additionally taught me some more advanced lessons within the time that I had paid for. What was really great is that I was able to take the test on the same bike that I had been practicing with the whole time. The classroom training instructor was Issac who did a fantastic job and I learned a great deal about motorcycle riding and the greater challenges and freedom it brings to the road. Again, I highly recommend that everyone take this course, and if you are in the Bay Area, give Kyle a call.

Kevin G.

10 out of 10 would recommend. I took the beginner CMSP course this week. My range instructor Kevin was patient, kind, highly knowledgeable, and used hilarious and helpful analogies to help me improve on skills and overcome anxiety. I cannot thank him enough. The class size was very small today (only 3 of us) so I was able to get a lot of individual attention, get all my questions answered, and pass the riding/written test for the endorsement all within 2 days. The zoom classroom instructor, Cy, was also a very effective, interesting and engaging teacher. If you are a novice rider or even just looking to sharpen your skills this is the class for you. The instructors are top tier.

Karen S.